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Am I the only sponsor for my child or elderly person?

Yes you are. We ensure that once you commence sponsoring, the beneficiary is allocated to you, and you are the only one providing for their needs.

Are sponsored children the only children who attend school? Are they fed meals at school?

All children sponsored through Mission Samburu attend school. Unsponsored children in the Samburu area also go to school, though often the poorest children are unable to attend because of the cost (including the cost of books and uniforms). 

Schools sometimes provide lunch but it is seasonal according to their funds. At times, children may be sent home for lunch. 

At what ages does schooling start and finish in Kenya? Why are 3 year old children included?

Children start attending Kindergarten from 3 years of age. Your sponsorship importantly provides not just for the child’s education, but their spiritual education too. Finances also supplement the family's income to provide enough food for the child. The sponsorship also provides a medical fund to ensure the child’s medical needs are met during the time of need.   

The age in which schooling finishes varies for each child. This is because some children commence school later in life due to their family not having the funds for the child to commence school at 3 years of age.

Can I communicate with the child, widow or elderly man I sponsor?

Yes, you are welcome to reply to the letters you receive. Please send by email to the address on our Contact page. 

We advise that you don’t contact the person you sponsor or their family members via social media. Doing so can put you and them at risk of being coerced for additional money.

Does sponsorship actually make a difference?

Sponsorship funds a discipler and Bible teaching programs so children can know Jesus and be equipped to be future leaders and servants of Christ. Sponsorship can release a whole family from poverty - through educating a child they can gain a decent paying job that provides for them and their whole family. Sponsorship is love. Love for a child created by a God who cares for the least of these, calling his people to care for them until we all reach our eternal home.

How can I be sure my money is reaching the field?

Mission Samburu Australia Limited (MSAL) is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC). Their stringent reporting requirements, and oversight ensure we do exactly what we promise. Additionally, Mission Samburu Australia Limited has a Board of Directors overseeing all operations, again ensuring that 100% of your sponsorship funds goes to the mission field as Australian administration costs are specifically funded.

How can I talk to someone from your organisation?

Please send us an email via our Contact page and we will call you.

How do you choose which adults are sponsored?

We only help the most needy. In the case of adults, that is elderly men and women who cannot work, those who are not adequately provided for by a family member or those with medical issues whom no one else is supporting. A paralysed woman who couldn’t feed her children was sponsored for 9 months before she passed. We have also helped many elderly people with little hope and no one to take care of them.

How do you choose which students are sponsored?

It's difficult as many youth are needy, more than we have funds for. We use a system combining their need with their involvement in our Christian communities. The Scripture says we should give “especially to those of the family of believers” but although we prioritise this way, God is also Grace, and where able we will help anyone in need. 

How do you make sure the money is going to the right family and funds are used appropriately?

It’s an important issue for this context. We provide up to a certain amount at a local shop from which the family collects food. Mission Samburu staff check and pay the shop account weekly. 

A staff member also checks on the family regularly at their home to see how the child is fairing - nutrition, health, and clothing wise. You can learn a lot just by visiting a home. If anything was amiss we would put controls in place to ensure that’s rectified so the child can stay in the sponsorship program. Usually where there is accountability in place, people comply with the rules. 

Our staff also meet one on one with the child to discuss the Bible, their life and pray with them. Although this meeting is for discipleship purposes and providing physical needs, it also reveals whether the parents are being faithful with what’s provided to help the family. 

In most cases the parents want to provide for their children, it’s just that they don’t have enough. Sponsorship is a partnership with the child and the whole family to improve the physical and spiritual circumstances in which the child grows.

All expenses are accounted for. Samburu staff pay school fees and emergency medical expenses directly to the schools and medical clinics, and obtain receipts for each payment. Expenses are then audited by our Australian volunteer administration team. We also have an Australian staff member living in Kenya who oversees the ministry.

How does sponsorship spare children from child marriage or a violent warrior life?

Educating a little girl can save her from child marriage as the father will not wish to sell her to dowry but rather keep her in school so that she can in future provide for her family. Likewise for boys, he will not be pushed to kill but rather in school will learn to resolve problems without violence.  

How is sponsorship money used?

Sponsorship money is used to provide material needs like food, medical, primary, secondary and tertiary education costs.

How long is a student sponsored?

We endeavour to sponsor until tertiary education is complete. Individual circumstances differ however and some finish earlier. In that case we will contact you with the offer to sponsor another student.

How much emphasis do you place on teaching God’s word and providing material needs?

These go hand in hand. One without the other would not be in sync with Biblical teaching and the example Jesus gave. One to one discipleship being a core component of all our sponsorship programs, ensures the person you sponsor is being spiritually nurtured as much as physically fed.

How much of my gift goes to the field?

The Australian-based Mission Samburu Australia (MSAL) and Mission Samburu Ministry (MSML) team are volunteers and the Australian administration costs incurred are already covered by a donor, so that:

  • 100% of your sponsorship funds reach the field.
  • 100% of your donations to the General Funds will support field projects and those who work in the field.  

MSAL and MSML are registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC). The ACNC’s reporting requirements, and oversight ensure we do exactly what we promise. Each has a Board of Directors overseeing all operations, again ensuring this happens. 

I can't commit to long-term sponsorship - can I still support the program?

Yes, please consider giving a once off donation to our Mission Samburu Australia Limited. We are actively supporting children from this fund who are not yet sponsored. 

I saw another sponsorship program that is cheaper than yours. Why?

Jesus commanded us in the Great Commission to make disciples, and that’s why we have the personal, one person to one person approach to sponsorship for both children and elderly people. Although discipleship is costly, it’s what we are called to do personally, and our program fulfils that. Through this program, discipleship is provided for only a small financial premium compared with other sponsorship programs that do not provide regular one person to one person discipleship. 

The difference between the cost of sponsorship for a child and an elderly person is because we provide more food to the adults than the children, and more medical care to the adults because elderly people have more medical needs.

What about food - how can one child benefit from having food supplied and their siblings watch on hungry?

A family receives food once per week to assist in feeding all the children in the family. The parent doesn’t favour the sponsored child over the others. Although the food is shared in the family, our discipler checks to ensure the child is adequately fed.

What donations are tax deductible and what are not?

Mission Samburu Australia Limited (ABN 72 647 235 087) is approved by the Australian Taxation Office for Deductible Gift Recipient status. Therefore, donations to MSAL are tax deductible, depending on your personal tax situation. MSAL is the vehicle for funding public beneficial activities such as medical treatment and sponsoring children, widows, elderly men, women’s workers, literacy teachers and transport. All of our work helping people in need equally ministers to their spiritual wellbeing too. We always help those who we minister to and we always minister to those we help. MSAL donors who provide their contact information will receive an annual tax statement.  

Mission Samburu Ministry Limited (ABN 93 652 960 640) is a charity to advance religion and is the vehicle for funding ministry-only activities and projects such as Church planting, Church buildings, Bible seminars, and the purchase of Bibles . Gifts to MSML are not tax deductible. 

What if I can no longer continue sponsoring my child?

Please let us know and we will look for another person who is able to sponsor them.

What’s the greatest need?

Contact us to find out what the greatest need is at this time.

Who is Mission Samburu accountable to for the money they receive?

Mission Samburu Australia Limited and Mission Samburu Ministry Limited are accountable to the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC), its Board, and to its financial partners. Please see our Accountability page for more information.