We teach our Samburu field staff “Accountability produces a better result”, and we too operate and flourish that way.

Mission Samburu Australia Limited (MSAL) and Mission Samburu Ministry Limited (MSML) are accountable to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), its Board, and to its financial partners. 

Any financial partner or prospective financial partner can find our Annual Information Statement on the ACNC website.

Because MSAL and MSML are registered with the ACNC, this provides a higher level of reporting, accountability and may also provide potential tax benefits for most donations. Information can be found at ACNC charity compliance decisions.

MSAL and MSML are also members of Missions Interlink, the Australian network for global mission.

Separate from our Australian volunteer operations staff, MSAL and MSML have a volunteer Board of Directors. The primary responsibility of the Board is to guide and monitor the business affairs of the organisation, including compliance with the organisation’s corporate governance objectives and setting the strategic directions of the organisation. This includes:

1. Accountability - Ensuring that all operations and volunteer operations staff operate in a way compliant with Government requirements, Biblical principles, and MSAL and MSML organisational objectives. Ensuring field practices and operations that MSAL and MSML fund, also operate within the organisation objectives with thorough reporting, and protections of vulnerable persons.     

2. Advisory - Providing operational advice to MSAL and MSML field staff and Australian operations team to improve systems, processes and procedures. Providing Biblical advice when difficult situations arise, and sourcing sound legal and financial advice where appropriate.   

3. Advocacy - Advocating for MSAL and MSML's mission amongst partners and potential partners, providing information to partners and growing relationships.

4. AssuranceMaking sure MSAL and MSML operations and partner organisations are carrying out the work in accordance with MSAL and MSML's objectives. 

You can see the members of our Board and communicate directly with them on the Our People page.