Sponsor an Elderly Man


Animism is the prominent religion for Samburu men in the regions where Mission Samburu works. The eldelrly men are the keepers of that religion. For so many years the men stood against gospel work, but now there is a change. 

Our sponsorship program has opened a door for those not being cared and provided for in their elderly age, by improving men's health and wellbeing through provision of food and medical expenses. These men welcome a discipler when they come with an approach to love, care and provide for them, even teaching them the truth about Christ. 

Jesus Christ also approached the needy in the same way. He cared about their physical needs, but he didn't fail to teach them their need for faith and God. 

We have some really needy men who need someone to take them on, funding a discipler, and providing for their basic needs. Your decision to sponsor can make a difference that bears eternal fruit. 

How does sponsorship help?
Once a fortnight one of our men’s ministry staff members will deliver a fortnight’s worth of food to the elderly man’s home. Your sponsorship will fund his time to visit for an hour to disciple him, to have his needs attended to and fund the transport for the return trip. When he needs to go to the local clinic, the sponsorship will also pay for his medical bills.

What is discipleship?
Jesus commanded us in the Great Commission to make disciples, and that’s why we have the personal, one person to one person approach to sponsorship for both children and elderly people. Although discipleship is costly, it’s what we are called to do personally, and our program fulfils that. Through this program we disciple through fortnightly one person to one person meetings where we talk, listen, read the Bible together, give guidance, and pray. To listen, that's love. To learn of all their troubles and challenges, then to share the saving message from the Scriptures and to pray with them in all their needs bears much fruit.

How much does it cost?
It costs just $20 a week to sponsor an elderly man.

Donations $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia to the extent permitted by law.

What will I get in return?
The joy of touching a life with God's word and God's love! You will receive communication from the field every six months, alternating between progress reports and letters from the elderly man. You are welcome to write back if you wish.


"Discipling to follow Jesus"